Askılı armatürler HOKASU PL12

3 289 — 4 976 ₺

Modeli seç
Satıcı kodu 11316000

The system is made to order.
The curved rail light system creates continuous and limitless light scenarios in the space.

The series includes two series of fixtures to choose from: Tube and Tube Zoom. The Tube Zoom series of luminaires is equipped with a special lens that allows you to change the angle of light from 12° to 50° by moving the rotating part of the body. The swivel mounting mechanism allows you to direct the light in the right direction. The Tube series luminaire has a 38° beam angle and a laconic body, which makes the luminaire visually light and aesthetically pleasing in a modern space.

  • Tube Zoom is equipped with an optical system with the ability to change the angle of light distribution;
  • The body is machined from aircraft-grade aluminum on advanced computer-controlled machines;
  • through airflow circulation system guarantees the operation of the lamp and the microcircuit in the required temperature conditions;
  • specially designed board, ensures the uniform illumination of the LED with high accuracy;
  • 5 years warranty on the luminaire.


The body of the lamp is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. The workpiece is milled on a Haas Automation Inc. 5-axis machining center. The rear cover of the luminaire is perforated, which provides cooling for the power supply and extends the life of the luminaire up to 15 years. The LED is located on a 5mm thick aluminum heatsink.

Available in different body colors: black (RAL9005) and white (RAL9003). For a more refined interior, we have created lamps in elegant colors: copper, silver, gold. The body can also be painted in any of the 2000 RAL shades. This feature allows you to harmoniously complement the design of even the most sophisticated interior.


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